Speed Bumps For Chandler


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****Speed Bumps For Chandler UPDATE and CALL TO ACTION****


We called and spoke to directly to the Deputy District Attorney, Anna Marie Shoen, assigned to Chris Chandler’s case and was informed that Frederick Ryerson, Jr. is being charged with Manslaughter in the 2nd degree, Felony Hit and Run x 2 and Misdemeanor DUI. Manslaughter in the 2nd degree is a Measure 11 offense in Oregon and has a minimum sentencing rule of at least 6 years and three months. Many of you may remember that the original charges were only Felony Hit and Run x 2 so the charges against Ryerson have been escalated but at any time these charges can be plea bargained down to lesser charges! This is where the Call to Action comes in because we have a unique opportunity to voice our concerns and opinions DIRECTLY to the DA’s office this coming Monday, October 26 during a meeting organized by Bike Portland called Wonk Night - The Negligence Gap. Representatives of the DA’s office will be there so we need to show up in full force to show the DA that we not only want justice for Chris Chandler but that also there is a need to address the existing law structure and to improve safety standards for pedestrian traffic. Many of you have expressed anger, frustration and sadness so let’s honor our friend by channeling our collective energies to create a positive change!

Please join us:

Wonk Night - The Negligence Gap
Monday, October 26th, 2015

Lancaster Engineering
321 SW 4th Ave, Ste 400
Portland, Oregon 97204

Facebook Event Page


****Speed Bumps For Chandler CALL TO ACTION****

What better way to honor our friend then by creating positive change! Please take the time to call, email, fax or write the following people stating that you would like to see speed bumps placed outside the Goodfoot to honor the memory of our friend, Chris Chandler, and to hopefully keep something like this from happening again:

Commissioner Steve Novick
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 210
Portland OR 97204
Phone: (503) 823-4682
Fax: (503)-823-4019

Commissioner Novick oversees traffic and public safety under the Bureau of Transportation. Please direct them to the website.

Mayor Charlie Hales
1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 340
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: (503) 823-4120. Very hard to get a live person but can leave message.
No Fax

Mayor Hales oversees the Portland Police Bureau so they also have jurisdiction to create change. It would be best if everyone could ask the Mayor's office to appoint a Public Safety Policy Adviser to look into this issue. Please direct them to the website.

Please keep in mind that something in writing is better than a phone call but a phone call is better than nothing! To donate, please visit our Speed Bumps For Chandler GoFundMe. Thank you all for helping because we couldn’t do it without you!